What is Dynamic Stabilization?

What is Dynamic Spine Stabilization

Everyone experiences back pain now and then, but if you have back pain in the lower lumbar region that becomes so severe and persistent that it prevents you from being able to comfortably carry out even normal daily activities, you may have a serious spinal problem in need of medical attention

If you are unable to obtain relief from your back pain by utilizing traditional therapies or conservative approaches such as exercise, rest, or pain medication, you may need surgical intervention. At St. Charles Spine Institute, we offer a spinal surgical procedure that takes a new approach to surgical remedies for back pain and spinal stability. It is called dynamic spine stabilization, and it may be what you need to obtain long-term pain relief and to regain your enjoyment of life.

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What is Involved In Cervical Arthroplasty

Cervical arthroplasty, also called artificial disc replacement, is a surgical procedure designed to remove a herniated or otherwise damaged disc in the neck and insert an artificial implant to replace it. At St. Charles Spine Institute in Thousand Oaks, California, we perform this minimally invasive surgery to help patients to alleviate chronic neck pain. Unlike fusion, this procedure doesn’t limit the range of motion in the joint. What’s more, the recovery time is usually fast, and the patient’s risk of developing herniations in adjacent discs is very low.

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